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A company of Cooltoad, presents a unique opportunity for everyone to get involved in a new kind of marketplace which holds a lot of promise for the future.

At, you can get yourself in at the right level of opportunity by investing in a market of secured syndicated loans. Browse a variety of loans approved by iBond and decide which loans seem worthwhile to invest in. Feel in full control as you propose to contribute full or part of the loan with your own interest rate. is a lienholder on every loan, providing protection and assurance on each investment.

Not only are secured and syndicated loans becoming a more popular investment method, but it’s a great way to contribute to and make an impact on the economy. Lending to businesses as an investor, you help the businesses grow which in turn create jobs.

Our system is easy to understand and master and when used correctly, it can benefit both the lender and the borrower. Our platform helps people who need loans connect to people who are willing to lend on interest. This cancels out the gruelling interviews and other processes which both parties usually go through when dealing with banks or investment firms.

All loans on are secured by Security is established through liens on the subject of the loan or by securing collateral.

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    Need a business loan to fund equipment? Tired of banks and financing institutions turning you down? Apply for a loan on and get approved FAST! enables people in need of a loan to connect to a community of lenders.
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